Woman Looking for Bisexual Couples

woman looking for bisexual couples

It may feel like bisexual dating makes relationships more complicated, but essentially, it involves the same challenges as any other relationship. Insecurities may arise if your or your partner is attracted to both sexes but understanding your own needs as well as theirs will result in a more balanced relationship.

Being bisexual can mean that your emotionally attracted to one gender while being physically attracted to the other, or that you’re attracted to both sexes equally. It can even mean being both emotionally and physically attracted to one gender while having some level of attraction to the other. In short, a bisexual individual is attracted to both genders but how much and in what manner they’re attracted will differ from person to person.

That said, some bisexual couples are open to having threesomes to satisfy one or both partners’ physical needs.

Threesome Tips for Bi Couples

If you’re in a bisexual relationship, bi curious, or an individual looking for a couple to join in an adventure, there are a few useful tips for finding the perfect person.

Dating Sites

It’s inadvisable to get a best friend or ex-lover to join your expeditions. Therefore, bisexual dating sites and couples dating sites are one of the best places to find other people looking for a threesome. Here are some sites perfect for bi couples dating, or individuals looking for a bi couple:





Clearly communicating who you are, what you’re looking for, and what you don’t want will help you to avoid any nasty surprises. Have a conversation beforehand and be clear on what’s acceptable and what’s not. Make sure that you understand your guest(s) needs as well. If you’re on a dating site, make sure your profile is attractive and honest, and check that your potential partner’s is legit as well. Ideally, you’ll meet up with everyone before setting a date and you don’t want to run into an awkward situation due to inaccurate profiles.

Safe Sex

Once you have a potential partner, you should have a conversation about everyone’s STI status. Once that’s settled and everyone is good to go, make sure that you have protection on hand before you begin exploring.

Have Fun

More than anything, this should be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Be open to new experiences and don’t overthink it. Once you get engaged, you’ll really like it. After all, this is an experience meant to broaden your horizons and maybe even find someone you’d like to know better.

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