Bicupid VS Adultfriendfinder, Which One You Like?

Bicupid VS Adultfriendfinder

Finding the best dating site can be quite a task. There are probably more, coming up as we speak so the choices could be even harder in the coming future. When it comes to choosing the best site from the ones that are already in place though, bicupid and adultfriendfinder can be quite a conundrum for the many swingers, bisexuals, bicurious, threesome, and trans men & women finders out there. This is because these two websites have cut an edging stone in the industry really deep. In this article, we’ll compare the two and otherwise help you make of which one to pick between the two.


Adultfriendfinder has been providing their services since 1996 and is arguably the most abundant in population between the two. They have a membership base of about 80 million members who are all interested in either threesome, swinging, bisexuals, cougars, couples, group etc. Since it has been in business longer than most dating sites, many people prefer it over other options because of its standing reputation.

In 2003, bicupid was established to cater for bisexuals and bicurious people who were then not quite accepted then. Now, the site prides of an incredible number of members with a large number of them being heterosexuals and bisexuals. This makes them it the best site for the LGBT community in the world. However, this doesn’t mean that the websites don’t facilitate other sexual preferences. Create a profile if you’d like to meet bisexual couples and singles and you could match up with them.


Joining both sites is very easy. They all require just an email address keyed in which you’ll verify and then simply create your profile after verification. The difference comes in with the types of features that both bicupid and adultfriendfinder provide. With bicupid, a free membership does not allow you to initiate a conversation. You can only reply to the ones that are sent to you. As for adulfriendinder, a free account allows you to start a conversation before you sign up for a premium account. Nevertheless, both offer seamless services in their chatting rooms.


Bicupid provides many features for its members that makes it stand out from other sites that include quick searches and an easy to use interface among many others. Verification is even done by real humans and not bots as other sites do. They also include scam detecting software that kicks out fake accounts frequently from their databases. As for adultfriendfinder, it has more features than its competitor. It has all the features offered by bicupid plus more unique ones like live videos of members and live hot girl videos among many more. It’s no wonder their catalog racks in more millions of members every year.

Dating Chances

Respectfully, addfriendfinder wins here because of its huge number of different sexual members on its platform. Matching between members is much easier and at and at a higher ratio compared to the bicupid platform. Bicuspid has more bisexual sex as its main root for its matching criteria which makes it hard for many of the people looking for threesomes, swinging or any other open sec preferences to get partners. However, there are many bisexuals who are interested thus it’s imprudent to conclude that you can’t find a partner there.

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