Tips of couples seeking women for unicorn dating

couples seeking women for unicorn dating

Couples seeking women have come to the right place if you're looking for the elusive unicorn. Here we're going to give you several tips on how you can find a unicorn out in the wild. Right this very minute, you might wonder if such women exist. Not only do they exist, but they're also easier than you think to find. There are couples all over the world enjoying bisexual threesomes with a woman. The fact that you aren't shouldn't make you think that it's impossible. It's only a matter of you wanting it bad enough to go out there and do something about it.

Set your eyes on the prize

What is the prize? The prize is you and your partner getting in the sack with a bisexual female. That's what you're seeking to do, and there's no need to mince words about it. Now isn't the time to pretend that you want something different. Be honest and upfront about what your sexual desires are. If you beat around the bush, then it's never going to happen. This isn't something you can ease into without some serious roadblocks along the way. Both parties in the relationship must agree to this type of threesome beforehand, or it's not going to work out.

Use a unicorn dating site to find bisexual women

Did you notice we said, women? Why not find more than one woman to have a threesome with? You'll eventually get a process down where it's possible to repeat it over and over again. There isn't any good reason why you can't find several women who are into having sex with another woman. You'll find that there are far more bisexual women than men. That means finding these women aren't as difficult as many couples would like to believe. They are there waiting for couples to invite them to have a threesome. Use dating sites to find these women, and you'll be surprised by simple it is to get them to have a threesome.

Treat a unicorn right, and she'll eat from your hand

You have to treat these women with the type of respect they deserve. You don't want to pound them like a piece of meat, and that's it. Don't be shy about spending your money on them. Take your unicorn out to eat or on road trips. You want your unicorn to feel like she's a part of your life. The end goal here is to have at least one unicorn who is always up for a threesome. It's even better if she'd like to live with you. Just think of all the fun the three of you could have if your unicorn is always there. If she is the horny type, you might be able to have sex every night or every other night.

Don't flaunt your unicorn in front of others

She might not want her friends or family to know that she's bisexual. It's none of their business. Don't shout from the rooftop that you've had a threesome with a hot chick who's also into girls. That's going to ruin the whole thing right off the bat. Allow your unicorn to define her level of comfort with the entire situation. If she's comfortable enough to tell others about it, then so be it. If not, then keep it your little secret and enjoy what happens in between the sheets.

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