Finding a unicorn woman for poly dating

Finding a unicorn woman for poly dating

Poly dating is all the rage these days, and it’s easy to see why that is. Who doesn’t love the idea of having sex with multiple people? Gone are the days when you had to get married and have sex with only them for the rest of your life. No one wants to live a life full of sexual dissatisfaction. That’s what happens when you are tied down to the same person who may not want sex as often as you do. It’s when you open yourself up to a whole new world of dating and relationships that sex becomes exciting again.

You might be in a committed relationship, but want to spice things up a bit. Going poly might not be what either of you is ready for. That’s when unicorn dating comes in. This is an exciting form of dating for those couples where the woman is also bisexual. She doesn’t have to stray from the relationship, and the man also gets to have sex with someone new. Finding a unicorn is much easier than many couples would like to believe. Finding the right unicorn is always as easy as pointing and clicking in the digital world that we live in.

Which type of dating is best for you? No one writing an article can come to that conclusion. It depends on many factors, and the biggest one is your comfort level of someone having sex with your partner. Are you okay with your partner having sex with multiple people? If so, then go the poly route. Both of you can have multiple sex partners and enjoy the type of wild lifestyle that others can only dream of. Let’s be clear and say this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and it will cause quite a bit of friction between many couples.

Finding a unicorn is often the best route for couples since there is less of a chance for hurt feelings. Are you the type of couple who practices monogamy? If so, then you need to find a unicorn who isn’t into the poly scene of dating. It’s not unheard of for a unicorn to live with the couple and become a vital third part of it. Three isn’t a crowd, and anyone who has ever had a threesome or shared their life with a unicorn knows it. The sex life of a couple can become dull, and this is undoubtedly the case if the female has bisexual tendencies. The wife is hungry for female attention, and it’s a mistake to deny it.

Always be truthful with everyone you have sex with. Never lie and tell someone you’re something you’re not. If you’re going to have sex with multiple people, then it’s best to tell your partner that. The best aspect of having a threesome is that the sex isn’t happening behind the back of your partner. If you feel that multiple partners are out of the question, then try to find a unicorn and see how that works out. Do your best to convey with your partner what you desire in the bedroom. Honesty is a must, and both parties need to be clear about what their intentions are so no one gets hurt.

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